What is Nailspielen?
Is a German game that originated in the early 1800's. This game is traditionally played with an axe, however, I include a hammer.  Nailspielen is played with a large round of wood, traditionally cut from a soft hardwood.  We play Nailspielen with a cross-peen hammer and a (16d) common nail.
Hammer Game
Hammer Smash
Nail Driver
Stump Driver
Beer Smash
Hammer Nail Game
Drinking Game
Stump Smash
The Problem

Traditionally Nailspielen is played using a large round that extends from the ground to about waist height. The problem that people quickly find is the weight of the round can be extremely heavy, weighing hundreds or thousands of pounds.  With The Original Nailspielen Table, you only need a round that is slightly thicker then the nail you are using. A round this size significantly reduces the weight of the game and makes it more practical to play and transport.